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Transforming the way capital is deployed, Mutual Value Investments equips investors to deliver optimal impact and outsized returns through measurable purpose-driven performance. We help you apply the Economics of Mutuality operating model to your investment cycle – from capital raise to impact diligence, value creation strategy, and digitally-enabled business transformation.


A Better Way of Seeing and Doing Business

The Economics of Mutuality is a proven operating model that drives superior value creation through impact-led management practices. 

Powered by digital tools, it equips companies to generate enduring mutual value for the benefit of multiple stakeholders by addressing societal and environmental challenges 

Practical and scalable, the model enhances business performance by embedding purpose-driven strategies and metrics into day-to-day operations. 


From Idea to Impact

The Economics of Mutuality operating model emerged from a multi-year business innovation program developed by Mars that engaged a range of cross-sector partners including Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. The program delivered proof of concept practical application across business units, sectors, and markets along with teaching curricula and case studies.

The team behind the program spun out of Mars in 2020 to advance and implement the operating model more widely. Under the independent brand of the Economics of Mutuality Alliance, a partnership of two non-profits and two for-profits, they now collaborate with companies, investors, universities, and NGOs around the world to serve the common good.

Business leaders are increasingly interested in driving holistic impact, including not only financial results, but also human, social, and environmental factors. The Economics of Mutuality is the most practical means I’ve yet seen of figuring out how to do this, especially because of how it can translate this ideal into measurable outcomes.”

Michael Bontrager
Founder, Chatham Financial

The Economics of Mutuality has the potential to be a game changer in encouraging companies to optimize their cost of capital by lowering operational beta (via a more robust supply chain) and also raising the headroom for long term growth.”

Timothy Wong
Global Head of Group Strategy and Group Research, DBS Bank

Driven by the Economics of Mutuality model, Royal Canin has become the sector’s most valuable brand and the most successful Mars Inc. business, tallying 20 years of double-digit revenue growth.”

Loïc Moutault
Global President of Petcare, Mars Incorporated.


For Good Investments

The Economics of Mutuality operating model offers a unique approach to investing that goes beyond ESG imperatives, which are more compliance-focused and a cost center. A dynamic impact-driven growth strategy, our model uses measurable social and environmental impact to drive superior value creation, including outsized financial returns.

The model’s non-financial metrics offer game-changing insights and transparency for investors and operators alike. Its ecosystem orchestration methodology provides portfolio companies with short- and long-term growth opportunities that drive superior value creation by addressing priority stress points in the ecosystems in which they operate. 


Our Role and Value

Investment houses and family offices are charged with a duty to preserve and build wealth. That’s why they value general partners who can deploy and amplify their funds with wisdom and acuity. But that’s only half the story for forward-looking funds managers.

In addition to driving superior returns, they can now also put money to work in profitable ways to achieve long-term positive outcomes for people, place and planet. Because if they don’t solve problems profitably and focus on the future, they – and we – won’t have one.

And that’s where Mutual Value Investments comes in. We identify and realize opportunities for sustainable growth, based on the principle of mutual value creation. We help turn societal problems into profitable outcomes that scale.

We create enduring mutual value by identifying opportunities; raising dedicated equity from values-aligned investors; and operationalizing the Economics of Mutuality model to transform portfolio companies, improving performance across multiple forms of capitals – Social, Human, and Natural.


Our Partners and Our Portfolio

Mutual Value Investments works with a range of family offices, institutional investors and investment partners in both the private and public equities markets. We seek to invest in companies well-positioned to benefit from the groundbreaking Economics of Mutuality approach. 

Partners use our operating model as a lens for managing and measuring company performance. We raise and manage funds to invest in businesses that offer opportunities for profitable and purposeful transformation. 


Our Promise

We fully support the well-proven thesis that profitability and purpose go hand-in-hand. Smart investors recognize the tangible benefits of creating value for all. That’s why we’re ‘Good With Money’.  

Mutual Value Investors are a different sort of animal: 

  • We’re equity-builders, not rent-takers 
  • We’re symbiotic, not parasitic 
  • We’re accountable and transparent, not opaque 
  • We’re measurable, not greenwashers 

Working with investment partners who share our values, our commitment to creating mutual value is more than our mission… it’s our model. By using the Economics of Mutuality operating model as an engine for business and investment transformation, we can measure, manage, and mobilize the economic, social, and environmental value we create together.


Wide-Awake, Not 'Woke'

We understand the criticisms of ‘woke capitalism’, and we’re wide-awake to the advantages of stakeholder capitalism – the opportunities, not only the obligations that come from looking beyond responsibilities to shareholders.  

We know that some perceive ESG commitments as superficial box-ticking and greenwashing. And we’re conscious of the bad rap that short-termism in Private Equity businesses has created.  

But by using the Economics of Mutuality operating model, we can shape the tree rather than simply measure the shadow. Improving – not just proving – positive impact. 

Let’s Discuss

If you’d like to explore how the Economics of Mutuality could drive transformation in your context, just reach out. We'd be delighted to start a conversation.

    The Economics of Mutuality offers freedom to realize optimal, sustainable success for business, its people, and the communities they operate in, as well as our planet.”

    Lim Siong Guan
    Former Group President of GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund

    The Economics of Mutuality approach provides the key platform for rapid adoption of these emerging market drivers that will evolve economies in more equitable and mutual ways while never losing their free market footing.”

    Rich DiClaudio
    CEO, Bedford Management Partners

    The idea of tracking the four types of capital — instead of just what everyone else seems to track: financial capital — and then to have rigorous, field-tested measurements that capture most of the value generated by the other three, is ingenious."

    David Gardner
    Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, The Motley Fool

    Our Partner Organizations

    Our Partner       Organizations

    A partnership of two non-profits and two for-profits, the Economics of Mutuality Alliance works across the world to advance stakeholder capitalism through the Economics of Mutuality operating model.
    For Good Societies
    Advancing the operating model through events, thought leadership, education, research, and cross-sector stakeholder orchestration.
    Learn more
    For Good Companies
    Equipping companies to implement the operating model through digitally enabled consulting, proprietary tools, and leadership development.
    Learn more
    For Good Investments
    Equipping investors to transform the way capital is deployed by implementing the operating model in public and private equity investments.
    Learn more
    For Good Communities
    Nurturing individual vocation and seeking the thriving of communities as well as business and investment where the operating model is deployed.
    Learn more
    Working Together for the Common Good


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