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Jan 2024

Royal Canin 2


Puppy Protech:
Breaking the Rules to Save Lives


Identifying a Problem

Royal Canin chooses to invest in social and human capital. This business approach leads to a greater understanding of the pet care sector – including its challenges. For example, through conversations with veterinarians and pet breeders, the Royal Canin team discovered that 1 in 5 puppies was not living beyond 2 weeks.


Developing an Innovative Solution

Very little research into puppy litter mortality rates existed. Therefore, Royal Canin launched a major study with the National Veterinary School of Toulouse and over 300 breeders across a 5 year period. The result was a groundbreaking product that helps to reduce neonatal deaths – Puppy Protech, a milk replacer/supplement.


Creating Mutual Benefits

Classic management theory would have advised against developing Puppy Protech, a product with a narrow market unlikely to generate substantial returns. However, the team knew that financial capital was only part of the story. Such insight has contributed to Royal Canin becoming the most valuable brand in its sector.